Research and Planning

Planning is an important stage of any media production as I know from personal experience as I enjoy creating little video projects or short videos whether that be a fight scene or an action scene. I know that it is important to be prepared for everything that may happen as many a time have I been in post and realised I have not got the shot I needed to join clips together or you could see someone in one of the shots. Its really important to plan and prepare right up until you start filming. You should also be prepared whilst filming as you need to know where the camera man is and where the actors should be, if the camera man is moving you need to know where he is moving to and where the actors need to be in relation to everyone else.

A storyboard is a really important part of a media production. You can view our storyboard as a PDF by clicking the relevant link below:
Film Introduction Analysis

I decided to conduct an analysis on some thriller openings to see the way they do their titles.
Pyscho Analysis

The is an analysis of Alfred Hitchcock's Pyscho and a few other thriller films.
Film Poster Analysis

This is an analysis of different film posters I have chosen.
Prop List

The prop list was the next important thing we needed, luckily we didn't need much.
Fake Blood£10.25To create a more realistic effect when Taran is stabbed
T-shirt£6To allow Taran to use the fake blood without damaging own T-shirt
Dog leadAlready HaveTo allow Harvey to look for the dog
Prop KnifeVariousTo allow Jack to stab Taran
Unfortunately we didn't end up using many of those things either due to expense or impracticality.