A Level ICT

Report Task (November 2015)

This document is all about special ICT systems and Stephen Hawking.

ICT and the law

This document is all about ICT and the law.

Interface Homework

This is a document that walks you through the most common interfaces that there are.

Excel Hand Outs

This is a document that features the information about excel and macros.

Excel Macro PPTX

This is the excel macro powerpoint.

Excel Notes

This is a document talking through some basic excel VBA code and some other features.

Microsoft Privacy

This is a document all about the privacy issues with Windows 10.

Hardware and Software

This document includes all information about the hardware and the software of PC's and some information about iPhone 6s plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S6.

GCSE computing

First Website

See my website.

2nd Website

See my website.


See my website.

Table Examples

See my website.

Binary Enc.

See my website.

New B enc.

See my website.